Naples and its Gulf are extraordinarily rich in historical, artistic and panoramic treasures. It would take a lifetime to discover the countless masterpieces of these places where there are traces of human presence from the eighth century B.C.
We will be glad to give you some advice regarding events and famous and popular places to visit. On payment, it is also possible to arrange transport and guided tours to the following

Christmas festivities

In the Christmas holidays Campania and its towns light up in a blaze of lights and many events set up that tell ancient Neapolitan traditions. The most important is the San Gregorio Armeno’s crib-making art, famous all over the world, all accompanied with Christmas culinary specialties of the Neapolitan pastry-making. Then again the artistic lights in the city of Salerno that for 19 years has become attraction for many tourists.


Napoli events and happenings 2017 info:


Artistic lights in Salerno 2017 info:


To visit all year round

That’s including monuments and places of art can be visited in all seasons of  year



info for Campania’s monuments and museum :


Monuments in may 


“Monuments in may” is a cultural event that takes place in the historic center of Naples. It’s organized during the month of May, it includes a series of events among which, for example, guided tours, concerts, theatrical performances, exhibitions and various initiatives.

The “Monuments in May 2017 ” is dedicated to Toto, the famous Italian artist in the event of the 50th year after his death.




Evocative and beautiful walks through places UNESCO. International events set in beautiful landscapes that make it a unique experience.

Ravello  Festival
Pomigliano Jazz Festival

both events are setted up in the summertime – for info:

For trekking routes that begin in the spring it is necessary to book. For info:

Teatro Grande Pompei events info