In 1836 Giacomo Leopardi sang its praises in the famous poem dedicated to the “Smelt Ginestra”. And today it is from this plant, symbol of a steep and special place, that the B & B takes its name.

It is situated at the beginning of the road which, in a breathtaking landscape, goes up to the crater of Vesuvius, the main eruptive volcano in Continental Europe.

It occupies one of the four apartments of a building surrounded by a large garden and a private car park, just at a few metres from the bus stop which links Naples to Pompeii (both a few kilometres away) and less than a kilometre from the highway of Torre del Greco and from the local train line Circumvesuviana that goes from Naples to Sorrento, passing through the archaeological sites of Herculaneum, Oplontis and Pompeii and to the  major sea resorts of the Sorrento coast.

The town of Torre del Greco, renowned  for the preparation and marketing of coral, has a prestigious school of engraving, numerous workshops and an interesting private museum. It is well known for its black sand beaches of volcanic origin, unique in the Gulf of Naples and its mild climate that is the result of the combined action of the sea and the natural barrier of Mount Vesuvius and the Lattari Mountains.

In keeping with our artistic, culinary and historical traditions and in the beautiful and unique Gulf of Naples, we offer our guests a pleasant and peaceful stay with the joy and kindness we are proud of and famous for.